chelsea vs man city match preview


Chelsea outshine Manchester city in their previous meeting in FA cup,2015-2016. they slammed city in a very shameful defeat , in which they qualified for final.

in 2015-2016, Chelsea had a good performance over city because during that time they still have their Hitman “Diego Costa” who is one of the prominent strikers ,chelsea have ever had ,after Didier drogba. Costa during his time in chelsea ,he did well as a good striker dominating their opponent with goals ,breaking down defenders .he scored many goals for chelsea especially on that match with Man city ,he stunned the defender and with help of Harzard ,who played brilliantly .

unfortunately,he left Chelsea and since then chelsea have not see a good replacement for costa. Despite their signing of Alvaro Morata¬† and Olivier Giroud but they are not to be compared with costa…

the question now is can chelsea do it again this time>>drop your comment>>


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