It’s will be a Plight at Ethiad Stadium – says Klopp


Liverpool Manager, Jurge Klopp said that there will be a plight at Ethiad Stadium as they are visiting City’s side again in their champions League Quarter-final 2nd leg.

Jurge Klopp, realize that Pep Guardiola’s boys loose their team spirit of playing ball ever since Liverpool trashed them in their first leg of quarter final in the champions league title in a 3-0 defeats at Anfield and they were left in grief.

Guardiola, thinks this is just a mistake ,he got’s to fix it ,he did but it was not so strong the way he wanted it to be as Manchester United came from a distance after a 2-0 beaten up in the first and they magically equalize the ball and give a way for their win.

Today, I think he has recover from his setback what makes his team flow in that poor performance as he isĀ  coming up with new tactics for the Reds today’s meeting at Ethiad Stadium .

“This is a Fight to finish” -say Guardiola

as he prepared for a rumble against the Reds

I am not scared of him neither his player nor my men scared of any loose at Ethiad Stadium, all I know we are coming up with a road to semi-final ,and this where my delight Interest centersĀ  – Klopp


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