Liverpool Aiming Champions League Title

Goals from Salah and Firmino ensured the Reds’ passage into the semi-finals after a hot Half time City’s dominance

On a night for heroes, they came dressed in Red.

It looked for a while like it could be a night of pain and suffering for Liverpool supporters. Boy, were they put through the wringer. The Etihad must have felt like a torture chamber at times as the Manchester City ‘thunderstorm’ swept over Jurgen Klopp’s men.

Liverpool are into the Champions League semi-finals for the first time in a decade, their love affair with this competition is well and truly back. And, having survived this, they’ll fear nothing.

Mo Salah ,uplifts Liverpool to the greats expectation after a very big trigger suffered at City’s hands in the first half and later go through with a victory

I think with this their form they can fight it to the end and glorious it will be , and history could be made again ever since 2007 they visited champions final against Ac milan.


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