Real Madrid Escape from Prejudice ;


It was a successful come back for the Italian Side after Leveling the ball to unexpected degree and they tide Madrid down, Madrid tuned again to bleach them away from Champions League Semi -final.

“Real Madrid , on a total recall as they fire up to twist the Measurement”.

Ronaldo, help Madrid in a cross over night to semi final as he scored the goal with an amazing kick, indeed they are the men.

Juventus , loose to Madrid due to their incapability of sorting the White Angels then the Refree denied the ball  not  to be Man -Man challenge, this made Buffon to have a red card as he went on to protest the ball.

However, the both clubs are on the same set as they played the ball gently , then at the  last Minutes a penalty separate this two  teams as Ronaldo fused the ball inside  in no passion of negative .



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